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Property Management



Our property management services includes the following:

1. Communication with our clients via telephone or email , giving reports on the progress of the property or the current state of the property and any damages or services that has to be done.

2. Inspection of the property very often, checking and maintaining it if needed.

3. Taking care of the garden/yard, watering, trimming, cutting, cleaning, electrical or plumbing jobs, painting of the property. Your swimming pool also, will be well maintained. All these, with the help of our team experts.

4. Taking care of any bills, or other services from public authorities, Tax office or Electricity-Water-Internet companies, Banks, that must be done during your absence. In some of these cases a Power of Attorney would be needed.

5. Financial report of all expenses made for the maintenance or income from renting the property.  

6. Pick up from the airport/port, for you and your family or any guests you might have.


7. Welcoming your guests to your property and taking care of their needs and solving any possible problems or necessities that might occur.

Contact us to discuss the best options for your property.